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This Assumes you have a current version of Wordpress with widgets sidebar enabled.

1) Log into your HostBaby Control Panel (

2) Click on the "Mailing List" link

Control Panel Mailing List.jpg

3) In ListBaby, click on "SIGNUP-WIDGET"


4) Fill out the fields as you wish them to appear and click the "Create Signup Widget" button

Create signup widget.jpg

5) Copy the code below Re-useable signup form HTML

Signup widget code.jpg

6) Log into your Wordpress Admin panel: (

Under Appearance, choose Widgets.


7) Drag the TEXT widget to the sidebar at the right.


8) Expand the widget by clicking on the header and name the widget something like "Join our email list". Then copy the code below and paste in the content area of the widget.


9) Click save and you're done!

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