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Only Original ListBaby users apply!

This document is intended for users that are looking to upgrade to the new ListBaby! If you've never used the older version of ListBaby that we offered, then there's no need to read this document.

For the rest of you - while the new ListBaby is very powerful in it's on right, there are a few things that were present in the old ListBaby that will NOT move over to the newer version. So go over this list of features that haven't been made available in the new ListBaby before upgrading.

Old ListBaby-Only Features

Access to Old Messages

The new ListBaby manages messages quite a bit differently than the older version. Given the new framework of ListBaby, we're unable to migrate old messages you had sent to your audience in the past. Some user had used older messages as "Templates" for future messages - so those users will want to at least have a local copy of that message to refer to before moving onto the new ListBaby.

Keep in mind that you can still manage your messages in a similar fashion. You can create a "Campaign", complete it, then you can always copy it, and make some minor modifications to send to a different audience.

Notes and Keywords

Past users have use the notes and keyword fields to organize their content. With our new ListBaby, we have a similar way of marking your contacts - via Tags. However, with the new tags, we are unable to migrate notes from old contact lists. If this is a major factor, considering backing up your contact list, and taking note of which notes/keywords were used-- then apply those words as "tags" to your contact list once in the new ListBaby.

Fortunately, the "keywords" fields got converted into "tags". So, you can also move any notes you have into the "keyword" field to have them converted to "tags".

Calendar Dates

The old ListBaby was directly connected to your website, allowing you to easily embed calendar dates from your site. However, the new ListBaby will be meant for a wider range of users, including non-HostBaby customers. Given the larger audience that will eventually use this product, we decided not to include this feature, as not everyone using this product will have a site hosted with HostBaby.

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