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The New ListBaby has arrived!

ListBaby has quite the facelift! This document will break down a couple of the major differences between the original ListBaby, and our newest version available. If you've never used the old ListBaby, no need to read this document - Move onto the ListBaby overview


ListBaby Templates

The most notable update is the arrival of our ListBaby templates! Now you can easily create a professional looking newsletter!


Bounced Contact Management

Managing bounced Email contacts in the original ListBaby was pretty cumbersome. Now, whenever a contact on your list bounces 3 times, they now show up in an easy-to-manage list right in ListBaby! Modify or remove those bad contacts with ease! You can read more about how the Bounced Contacts section works HERE


Campaign Statistics

Ever wonder how many of your Emails you send get opened? Or perhaps bounced? No problem! Our new ListBaby allows you to see how your campaign was received with your audience. You can read more about campaign statistics HERE


HTML Email form

Embedding a signup form to join your Mailing list is a snap! The new ListBaby makes use of an HTML based form, which is very easy to embed on websites! You can read more about the new signup form, and how to create it, HERE

Sign-up confirmation by Email

To help reduce the number of bad addresses you may collect, we've changed how folks sign up to your Mailing list. First, they submit their Email address on your site. Once they've done that, they'll actually be sent an Email to confirm their membership! This was intended to greatly reduce the number of false/bad addresses on your mailing list.

Thank you E-mail

Now, you can actually send folks a Thank You Email when they sign up to your mailing list. You can format this message like you would an Email, and provide links to content, like MP3's or posters that you want to share with your new list members!

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